• You agree that will pay Cessnock Motel Full amounts of accommodation costs at check in. All other charges incurred during your stay, not payed for at the time of purchase, will be charged directly to card provided, with receipt being emailed to given address at time of charge.
  • You agree, that any charge for services or good provided to you, not billed at check in or upon departure, may be added to your account and charged to the card provided as guarantee of payment.
  • You agree that check-out time is 10am on the date of departure unless we (Guest & Management) agree on a time that is different. Charges may apply for late check-out.
  • You agree that a charge will be added if your check-in time requires us to keep your allocated room free the day prior to your arrival.
  • You agree to pay accounts at anytime at the request of management even if you are yet to vacate your accommodation.
  • You agree to advise management of any change to the number of occupants in a room and agree to pay additional charges for extra guests not included in the original booking.
  • You agree to remain personally liable to pay or ensure payment is possible of all totals due at time of departure, unless prior arrangements have been made with the management.  Outstanding amounts with no arrangements made with management will be charges within 7 days of departure.
  • You agree to pay us (Freedom Holidays & Investments Pty Ltd TA Cessnock Motel) for any damage or loss to the room or equipment in the room during period of use.
  • You understand that smoking within rooms or non-smoking areas is prohibited and cleaning fees of $300 will be charged if you smoke within rooms or outside of smoking areas.
  • You agree, that if you tamper with smoke detectors you will be liable for all damages, claims, costs and charges incurred by the motel resulting from your conduct.
  • You agree that you are, at all times personally responsible for vehicles parked on the motel premises. Cessnock Motel is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred during your stay.
  • You agree that monies and or other valuables brought into rooms remain your personal responsibility. Cessnock motel is not responsible for the loss or damage of goods and monies lost.
  • You agree and understand that regardless of the length of your stay, there are NO tenancy rights or other rights created under landlord & tenant laws that apply to you during your stay. We grant you a licence to stay in our rooms. You agree that this Licence may be cancelled by management at anytime without notice or reason.
  • You agree that the staff of Cessnock motel have the right to enter your accommodation, if unoccupied at the time, to turn OFF any electrical appliances which have been left on for any length of time. Charges apply for excessive usage.
  • You agree that Cessnock motel has a strict NO party policy. Guests are to be mindful of others at ALL times and quiet period starts at 10pm daily.
  • Cessnock motel is a licensed venue, and reserve the right to refuse service to persons displaying signs of intoxication. Only Government issues Photo ID will be accepted as identification.

By Paying Cessnock Motel accommodation fees and accepting keys to your room, you are accepting the above T&C’s

Payment Policy:

Payment in full is due at the time of booking, unless alternative arrangements are agreed to with management.

Direct Transfer payments can be made to:

Cessnock Motel

BSB: 032718
ACC: 557701

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be made in writing at least 72hrs prior to 2pm on the day of arrival. Any cancellations received within 72hrs of your arrival will incur penalties up to the total cost of your reservation.